“Literally the best Google Search Console tool on the Planet! It makes diving into your GSC data extremely easy.
Robert Robles
KatRank Agency Owner

Google Search Console data 
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Say goodbye to the hassle of Search Console and quickly uncover valuable insights across all your websites.
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Say goodbye to Google Search Console Limitations 🚀

No More Juggling Multiple Search Consoles
Seamlessly manage all your Google Search Consoles in one intuitive app.
Privacy First Analytics
Unlike other platforms, we ensure your analytics are displayed without storing or using your data (cough, Ahrefs).
Plug-and-Play Setup
Get set up in under 30 seconds by quickly connecting your Google Search Consoles and start uncovering valuable insights immediately.
Flexible Pricing
Hate subscriptions? So do we. Grab our lifetime access and enjoy the freedom from monthly fees.
User-Friendly Interface
Switch from Google Search Console’s cumbersome interface to our intuitive dashboard, where ease meets functionality.
The Master Dashboard
All your data, one glance: The master dashboard offers a panoramic view of all your website's performance, making it easy to monitor and strategize with clarity.
Simplified Deep Dives
Our unique tools and detailed reports are designed to simplify your deep dive into data, providing actionable insights with less effort.
Building together
Created by SEOs for SEOs. We listen to your feedback to craft the SEO analytics tool you'll be proud to recommend.
Alerts & Reporting (coming soon!)
Seamlessly manage all your Google Search Consoles in one intuitive app.

All your sites at a glance
Zero clicks

It has never been easier to see how all your sites are performing.
Clicks and Impressions for all your sites on a single page.
All your sites at a glance Zero clicks

Growing and Decaying Reports

SEO Gets surfaces insights that Google Search Console doesn't show you — unless you click a lot!
Growing and Decaying Reports

With SEO Gets you'll have access to your most popular pages and queries, as well as those that are growing and decaying.

Growing content is a great opportunity to understand what's working and double down on it. Identifying decaying content early on can help you prevent traffic loss.

Weekly and Monthly Charts

Remove weekend fluctuations for better visibility.
Weekly and Monthly Charts
Weekly and Monthly Charts

Multi-Page Analytics

Group similar pages together and analyze their performance as a whole.

Content Groups are ideal for performance monitoring and insights into your categorized content, landing pages, programmatic SEO and so many other use cases.

Learn more on about content groups and their benefits for SEO analytics on our content groups guide.

Multi-Page Analytics

Keyword Tracking

Tracking the performance of your keywords with real data, not estimates!

Tracking the number of clicks, pages, and queries related to your most important keywords is crucial to understanding if your SEO efforts are paying off, or if you need to change your strategy.

To learn more about tracked keywords and how to use them, visit our tracked keywords guide.

Keyword Tracking

Branded vs Non-Branded

See how your branded and non-branded queries are performing with a single click.

It's never been easy to monitor your brand awaress and non-branded traffic on Google. Learn more on about how we use branded filters on SEO guides on our branded keywords guide.

Branded vs Non-Branded

Privacy Blur

Show off your stats, not your website.

Turn on Privacy Blur to hide your website's URLs when taking screenshots or recording a video.

Privacy Blur
“SEO Gets is a very simple reporting tool. Insanely clean, basically blasts GSC out the water, UX-wise. Being able to add branded keywords and filter those out with a single button click is just such a relief. Same goes for creating your own content groups!”
Jonas van de Poel
Jonas van de Poel
Head of Content Marketing at Unmuted
“Can't get enough of how easy it is to answer these questions with @seogets! I swear y'all. SO freaking good.”
Rebekah Edwards
Rebekah Edwards
Agency Co-Founder of Clara
“Loving @seogets! Analysing GSC data is now such a breeze with the tool, it's super clean UX enables me be to discover seo insights and opportunities so much quicker!”
Ben Dracup
Ben Dracup
SEO Manager at Minty Digital


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Sites / Properties Unlimited Unlimited
Data Retention 16 months 16 months
Export to CSV Unlimited 1000 rows
Invite Clients / Team Members Unlimited
Multiple GSC Accounts
All Sites Dashboard
Site Tagging
Favorite Sites
Growing & Decaying Reports
Branded & Non-Branded Filter
Content Group Reports
Tracked Keywords Reports
Weekly & Monthly Charts

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Frequently Asked Questions

🔐 Do you have access to my data?
Unlike Ahrefs, we do not store or use any of your GSC data. Similar to any app that you connect to GSC, we do temporarily store a Google key that allows us to build your dashboard. Once you revoke that access, we would no longer have access to that key and any data.
❓ Does it replace Google Search Console?
SEO Gets upgrades the analytics performance feature in GSC, removing many of its limitations. While it will become your go-to for analytics, you'll still rely on GSC for tools like sitemap submissions and indexing requests.
🕵️ What permissions does it have on my Google account?
SEO Gets is granted read-only access to your Google Search Console data. It does NOT have access to any other Google products or services. We do NOT store your performance data.
﹪ Does SEO Gets estimate traffic?
SEO Gets uses data directly from Google Search Console, offering precise traffic insights without estimations. Experience the exact data GSC provides, enhanced for a more engaging and user-friendly interface.