A quick look at what we're working on right now, and what is coming up next.

1. What we're working on

  • Home dashboard tagging Ability to group websites into folders through tagging
  • Home dashboard filtering Ability to filter on the home dashboard
  • Annotations and Google updates Ability to toggle notes and Google updates on individual dashboards
  • Device type and country filter types Ability to filter by device and country

2. Features we are considering

  • Filter presets Ability to save filter presets
  • Different graph styles (bar, pie, etc) Different graph styles instead of line
  • Dashboard persistent filter default Default view when visiting a certain website dashboard
  • Cannibalization report Ability to find possible cannibilization issues
  • PDF and Image exports Export individual dashboards in PDF or Image for easy sharing
  • Improve CTR report Revise and improve CTR benchmark reporting
  • Email alerts Receive email alerts on sudden drops for tracked keywords and content groups
  • Automatic Email reporting Send reoccurring email reports to team or clients (maybe whitelabel?)
  • Add discover traffic tracking Ability to view and track discover traffic
  • Adding “yesterday” in time selection Make it easier to see yesterday’s data
  • Easier content grouping setup (normal filter settings) Ability to create content groups using normal dashboard multi-query/multi-page filtering settings
  • SEO revenue report (SEO traffic x PPC cost) Ability to estimate how much you’d be spending on PPC